About Me & Policy In Numbers

Who am I?

My name is Dylan. I’m a management consultant, a student of politics, a data analyst and a constantly curious individual.

I’m a Canadian by birth, American by dual citizenship and British by residence, providing me a thorough and deep perspective on these three great countries, which I will post about on this website.

What is Policy in Numbers?

Policy in Numbers is just that, policy defined by numbers and data. Too often politics is shrouded in opinion, tweets or apparent falsehoods. This blog aims to debunk the opinions and provide visualisations of interesting data to the reader, in a digestible manner.

The main topics of this blog include:

  • Elections - November 2020 demonstrated how political elections can occupy all our attention. Well, elections will continue and I hope to shed some light on how voters think and results come to pass (namely in the UK, Canada and the US).
  • Policy - The heartbeat of what happens in politics is through policy. While not as sexy as elections, policy is not often scrutinized using a non-partisan, data-led lens…it should be!
  • Voter Behaviour - Understanding the psychology behind voting, partisanship and party politics is never-ending, but always interesting!

While politics is my passion, my interests and experience extends to other topics that I will also post about:

  • Technology - As a Senior Consultant working with digital twins, ML and Big Data simulations, new technology is part of my daily job and is something I hope to share with you.
  • R Coding - Most of my data work is in R, so my posts will include the R code necessary to wrangle, manipulate and visualise the open data I find. If you read, you might learn something cool!
  • Career Advice - Working for years in management consulting and recruiting during a pandemic has provided me some experience in the career-building department. Will share tidbits that I believe would be useful for anybody.

All this being said, this site is mostly just my playground. As a programmer, it is a portfolio and repository of past projects/ coding work. As a politically-interested person, it is a way to express my views (usually in a non-partisan way) and knowledge. And as someone who has been interested in putting out a blog for years, it is my attempt at something people will find useful. It will evolve, and it is currently pretty basic, but, hey, at least its out there!

What about the apps?

Oh you noticed? R Shiny is a super powerful tool where you can build reactive apps based on anything! Apps are cool and making it interactive is important for useability. So I made a few apps, you can check out the descriptions in the Apps tab.

Or just skip ahead and click below:

Other little tidbits?

  • I own 20 bowties and used to wear one every Friday to work (when the office was a thing)
  • Took a year off work before doing my MA to travel Asia and South America. Have visited 35 countries and counting
  • Love sports, so hopefully will see some sports analytics up here at some point


Thank you for reading, engaging and commenting (please do comment, it helps me learn and evolve this site). Feel free to reach out if you have questions, comments or ideas for me to write about.

You can also reach me out on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, GitHub or Email

This is a personal site. Therefore all opinions, perspectives and insights are that of my own and not those of my employer.