Why am I building applications?

In this section, I aim to share the applications I have worked on building in the backend. These are built for my own personal interest, and serve no commercial purpose. Therefore, they may lack some functionality here or there, and may not be as pretty as most apps you use, but hey if you have feedback/ comments, please reach out!

All these apps are built with R Shiny, a great tool that makes data interactive and visualizes it perfectly for the user.

The Canadian Election App

Find the app here

The Canadian Election App contains information about the past two Canadian elections (2015 & 2019). Each page allows you to view a map of who won the respective parliamentary seats, how many seats each party won and what the share of vote was. The options also allow you to view the share of vote each party received at a federal and provincial level.

There are four levels of analysis you are able to view now:

  • Country-wide Analysis
  • Provincial Analysis
  • Individual Riding Analysis
  • Poll-level Analysis

Each one contains interactive maps and graphs, giving you multiple lines of insight into what ever region of Canadian elections you want!

This page will be added to as more applications are uploaded