Podcasts, Books and Articles that may Interest You!


  • Common Sense with Dan Carlin - A Recipe For Caesar
    • The man who has been foretelling the demise of the American Political system before it was cool. Here is his most recent, depressingly accurate and non-partisan take on the state of US Politics.
  • Freakonomics - America’s Hidden Duopoly
    • A thorough look at the least competitive industry in the US, political parties. How the Republicans and Democrats have created a system that is entirely dominated by two private organizations, stemming the rules of competition that are usually espoused by American industry?
  • Hidden Brain - Minimizing Pain, Maximizing Joy
    • How to take a stoic apporach to life, concentrating on positive emotions, while lessening the hold negative emotions (like stress or anxiety) have on your life.

Book Recommendations

Interesting Long-Form Articles/ Newsletters

  • Benedict Evans
    • One of my favourite technology newsletters every week. Covers off everything you need to know with tech and its relationship with politics, business and the world. As he says “I try to work out what’s going on and what it means.”

Coding & Programming Blogs/ Websites

  • R-Bloggers
    • The best in R stats, with a ton of helpful articles, tutorials and general information if you ever want to get started in R (my go-to programming language)
  • Dr. Keith McNulty’s blog
    • A great blog that looks at R and people-analytics. Has some great tips on best R tools, functions or even fun visualizations about the show Friends!

Recent & Relevant News Articles

This page is constantly being updated with new content, and with older content being taken down. Maybe one day I will improve my HTML, CSS and Markdown skills enough to pretty the page up, but until then I hope you enjoy the recommendations!